Two Stroke Engine Race Gas - High Ocatane Fuel - Detonation

Two Stroke Engine Race Gas - High Ocatane Fuel - Detonation

High Ocatane Fuel, Race Gas and Detonation Information

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to high octane fuel. You will quickly find out that anytime a conversation takes place about fuel, everybody has an opinion and swears by it. It's a little like talking about "the best oil", but we'll tackle that in another article.

First I want to clarify that not all high octane fuel is created equal. There is a huge difference between actual race gas, which is typically designed for racing and purchased in 5-6 gallon sealed metal cans or 55 gallon sealed drums, and high octane gas purchased at a gas station. Another common option is aviation fuel which is formulated to run in airplanes.

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The gas station version, that only that one special gas station on the other side of town has, is stored in a tank underground just like the regular gas. It's more than likely formulated to run in cars which means it contains additives for cold weather and such like all the other regular gas does. You have no idea how long it's been sitting in that tank underground, but I would bet probably a lot longer than the regular gas because there is way less of a market for it. The consistency of the fuel will vary depending on age, seasonal additives, and brands. Typically this is more affordable than true race gas but not nearly as pure or fresh.

Aviation fuel will have the quality and consistency, but it is designed to run at high altitudes, resist freezing and perform flawlessly in aircraft engines that may drone along running at the same rpm for hours. Sure it's good stuff and many will swear by it, but the reality is it's not designed to run in your 2 stroke or 4 stroke motocross bike or snowmobile.

True race gas, will be extremely consistent and pure. It's stored in sealed metal cans to preserve the fuel and keep it from going flat. Most stock racing bikes are designed to run on pump gas. One of the myths about high octane fuel is that it makes more power. If your engine isn't modified for higher compression then likely you will see NO gain in actual horsepower from running high octane fuel. With that said there are other big benefits to running race gas. Number one is consistency. Your finely tuned perfectly jetted racing engine will run the same every time with race fuel (of course the variables will always be temperature, elevation, moisture, pressure) but the fuel will be a constant. If your running a 2 stroke it's very important to use the same premix oil and mix it exactly the same every time.

Well this is getting long and I haven't even gotten to detonation or flame fronts.

There is much more on this subject so I will follow this up with a part 2.

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