Two Stroke Engine Tuning Base Gaskets

Two Stroke Engine Go Fast Tips

Trim Your Base Gaskets

Go Fast Tip: When installing a new cylinder base gasket, make sure to take a utility knife and carefully trim the excess gasket from around the inside of your ports.

two stroke engine base gasket

This can be done by first putting the gasket on the motor and checking to see how much gasket material is hanging over the inside of your ports, then after trimming, take the gasket off the motor and lay it on the bottom of the cylinder, line up the bolt holes perfectly and see if any gasket material is blocking the ports.

They never fit right, almost always require trimming. Just think of how many people pay good money to have their 2 stroke ported and leave an over-sized gasket sticking in the ports blocking the flow.

Take your time doing this, I recommend using a utility knife with a new blade. BE CAREFUL not to gouge the aluminum, just trim the gasket, and easy does it. Stick some paper towels in the motor on top of the crank so you don't drop any pieces of gasket in the bottom end.

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